Amazing how a song can feel like a hug

A manufactured memory that brings you sweet tears

Warm fuzzies and a cup of tea

Just the way you like it


Haunting how you can hear it in someone else’s voice

Singing you to sleep

But it can’t be

He left you, remember


These memories you’re supposed to have

The life you’re supposed to live

Exhausting nights when the Sandman doesn’t come

Or when he does he dumps a bucket of sand over your head


You wake

Gasping for air

Choking on the invisible particles

You quiet yourself


The softness in their voices

Something you were supposed to have

Its absence is creeping in

You can’t stop listening


Why is everything I enjoy plagued by my shortcomings

Everything I do brought down a level

Because you weren’t there?

Do I haunt you?


Take my eyes and with it my tears

They don’t look like yours anyways

A distant memory of me on your knee

Every birthday wish that you’ll come back


Insomniac mind in the Moonshadow

Racing with the if’s

Losing every time

The prize a night of rest




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