Season of Healing

I don’t believe in God

I believe in the Keeper of the Stars

The thought of the conception of the universe

Terrifies me

The unknown


We are constantly being tested

Have come close to failing

But what does that entail?


Doomed to repeat history

Not sure how to create our own

Every little thing makes someone angry

It is not them who I worry about

It’s Him


We were given one task

Survive together

His message warps throughout the years


Everything we do in one day

Will one day come back to us

Unseen consequences

A butterfly flaps its wings

And the world ends


An unbelievable burden to bear

Studying for a class with no test prep

Not even sure when the test will end


I used to believe in good people

But we’re all a villain in someone’s story

A hero in others

Egos too large to leave any room for empathy

The right thing is a blurry abstraction


I am afraid of the unknown

But know that one day the test will end

And we will begin, The Season of Healing


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