A place where people are valued

No matter what


No hurt

Open communication

Easy breathing


Trees everywhere you look

Looming gardens

Vines wrapping around each other


The world is singing

Death is nothing to fear

The sight of sunshine does not make me frown



We are at ease with ourselves

Open and free


Defensive tendencies are a thing of the past

Orchestras sway as we dance the dance of understanding

Educate me is synonymous with I love you


We understand that our time here is short

We are not the only ones here

We must treat her well


Witches practice openly

Children learn that magic is real

We bake our own bread


Laughter fills the space that grief used to inhabit

Smiles adorn the faces of all we see

Kindness shines bright in their eyes


Art is encouraged

Learning is not a privilege

Differences are celebrated


We make space for the sadness

Tears to water our flowers

Turn them into something beautiful


Just like you will soon



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