The Golden Ratio – An Ode to My Tattoo

I tell them about how the golden spiral

is found everywhere


in the way trees branch out

pinecone spirals


Everything is connected I say,

we are all connected

to one another and nature

and the sky kisses the sea

we can see it if we look close enough


Mondrian is more than rectangles

blue white

red and yellow


it’s math I don’t understand


Tie together with neat red thread

leading from me to you

to her

to them and him

will tangle, knot, stretch as we pull away from one other

but will never break


Around our right pinkies

an artery that leads from pinkie tip to heart,

and from me to you.

Around our ankles

leading us to our soulmates,



I don’t find comfort in being able to see the puzzle


but not the full picture

but while I’m working on this corner

you’re working on the center

and eventually, my section will touch yours.


I tell them that I saw it in a show when I was younger

but I think I always had this in my mind

the idea that relinquishing control is

the biggest act of defiance

forever be emblazoned in my skin

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