Do you think ocean animals commit murder?

Do they s(t)eal?

So much unknown

And yet we walk around so confident

So unafraid


The mysteries that lie beneath the surface

Is there a justice system

One that ends in others consuming the guilty

Or have they witnessed too much tragedy

At the hands of humans?


The bodies that we throw in

The ashes

Is the titanic a museum for them

A school trip if you will?

They know things we don’t


Capable of things we aren’t

Working together

Moving as one

Knowing where they stand

We cannot say the same


They murder for survival

Do they grieve their fallen?

In the deepest recesses of the ocean floor

Do they know what death is like

A darkness we are not capable of understanding


The pressure of the water

Viewing us an intrusion

Plotting their revenge

One day we will know their wrath

Fishing hooks in gills


Do they wed?

Understand love

Family court adjourned with a bang of a coral

Choking on plastic and q-tips

They believe their time is up


But it’s us, not them

Our disregard for the water

Broken bottles become sea glass

But we become fish food

Because we never asked the right question



One thought on “Vastness

  1. Interesting poem. The ending is particularly effective. I love the imagery of becoming fish food, and “we never asked the right question” is a fabulous – almost haunting – accusation. Great job!

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