After Today

After today, he thought

the world will never be quite the same

she swam across the pond

and danced like Amphritite onto the sand

he envied the water drops that caressed her lissome curves

the sun kissing her golden hair

and wind that stroked without shame

a virgin ripe and innocent


he would not pluck her guileless nature

destroy the naivety that held his sway

lest the harvest wring a momentary gratification

and a lifetime of regrets.

her innocent nature laid bare his soul

he would let love enter there

and in the ensuing pursuit and trade

of heart and soul and mind

eternal pleasure would ebb and flow

on the time and tides where fidelity endures














Inspired by the last line of the book Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. “After today, he thought, the world will never be quite the same.”

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