Droplets of Seraphic Light

Droplets of seraphic light

the camera froze up time for you.

Glowing abdomens so bright,

dance around the tall bamboo.


I would like to join in play,

dapple light along my way.

Little seraphs tipped with light,

see me through this pitch dark night.



3 thoughts on “Droplets of Seraphic Light

    1. Thank you. There are no fireflies in Utah, but I lived for a time in North Carolina where I was able to experience fireflies for myself. They are one of the beautiful moments in nature, you never forget. I am grateful you enjoyed it.

  1. Coming from Scotland I have never had the pleasure of seeing a firefly before, but I will definitely be adding this to my bucket list.

    I’m glad seeing them for yourself inspired such beautiful poetry.



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