15 By Lift And Drag

By Lift and Drag.


Lifting off from Salt Lake City,

Thrown back in my seat.

Rising over Colorado.

The Rocky Mountains blink.


There are no signs that say, 

Now leaving Kansas city,

“now entering “show me” state.

The borders blur.


The Mississippi snakes its way below me.

I know I am halfway there.

The rivers are much bigger,

The Mountains, much smaller.


The landing not so memorable.

The humidity,  intense.

I walk into the airport.

I’m standing in the “First Flight” state.


My first flight for me. 

The first flight,

for Orville and Wilber

On their Wright Flyer.


By lift and drag,

In the time it takes, 

 Utah, to home in Colorado,

I land in Charlette, North Carolina.

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