20 How Often Do Stars Die?

When sunlight hits, an atom flips.

Electrons jump about.

From shell to ever higher shell.

It really makes a sight.


These little spots of polka-dots.

Must borrow from the sun.

To have their day it works that way 

Unless a sun; your one.


Mercury, and Venus, 

Earth and even Mars.

Must get its light from the sun’s might.

To shine like they are stars.


Now learning this, I make a wish,

Upon their falling light.

Each second here, a star quite near,

Explodes and fades from sight.

One thought on “20 How Often Do Stars Die?

  1. Stunning telling of our solar system and the stars that seem to have no meaning but to burn and fall to make a wish on. Well done.

    Please review some of mine if you would be so kind. Thanks in advance.


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