Saint Norma Lee

Prompts Hour Seven

Saint Norma Lee

Norma Lee’s a square lady, a carpenter’s saint.

She’s never untrue, all things wrong in restraint.


If you’re wanting an icon of what’s rightful and true.

Pray Saint Norma will guide you in all that you do.


She’ll not accept angles or angels of a differing degree

greater or smaller than what right should be.


For conventional people, she’ll always be there.

To keep things in line and everything square.


But, if you, in a round world, you find yourself slip.

Don’t pray for Saint Norma, she’ll abandon your ship.


You might need to take courage in making new rules,

You’ll need— pray obtusely to less linear fools.


And you’ll find you’re all right with things lesser than straight.

You’ll learn that your world won’t always seem great.


You’ll be less inclined to seek Norma that often

Yes, right angles are “perfect,” but it’s round things that soften.












 (Entry 1 of 2)


Definition of mal- (Entry 2 of 2)


Text Prompt

Write a poem exploring the word normal. It could be in the context of pre-pandemic life and the present, how normal needs to be better,or about how normal has always been different within your family. Any interpretation or interaction with the word normal, works as a response to this prompt.

Idea contributed by Shirley Durr.

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One thought on “Saint Norma Lee

  1. Love this creative twist on normally. The line I liked best was “Yes, right angles are “perfect,” but it’s round things that soften.” I am a lover of round things because they are soft. (Thank you for helping me see how inadequate my “normal” poem was.)

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