First and Evening Light

Prompts for Hour Twenty-Four

I am home inside myself,

In the early sky.

When the glory of the sun

Peaks o’re mountains high.


Glowing light upon the grass.

Turning every surface gold.

On my porch, the mornings pass.

Joyfully behold!


I am home inside myself.

In the evening sky.

When the sun takes a descent,

Waving its goodbye.


When the shadows lengthen out,

Vibrant life explodes.

I am home inside myself

Walking gilded roads.





Text Prompt

Write about the place you feel most at home in.

3 thoughts on “First and Evening Light

    1. Thank you. I so appreciate your thoughts about this poem. The golden hour has always been the best part of my day and I have enjoyed it most when I have had the serenity in walking it alone— much as in writing poems.

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