Hour 22: in just one day

I did this last year

scoured and scourged my mind and body 

for the lines to play coda of this heroic symphony

I squeeze the last images for their finery

infuse an internal rhyme with notes

peppered with hints of revealing process

and referential specificity

I slap myself back to wakefulness

having taken a cat nap frommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oops – I lost myself to sleep again

if I sit like this there’s not way I could fall asleep again


Syntax slip

to surreal marmalade

in which float the crumbs

of the many snacks

I have consumed

on this day


Even the small muscles

twitching away in forearms

are rebelling–

rendering the labor

in these long hours finally felt

as a stone rolled


Soon, the sky will grow lighter

and I will run out of letters to jenga

then, and only then

will I relinquish my seat

for the crook of a soft couch 

where I am bound to curl up like a cat


After much rest

after the mental debris settles

I will look behind me and notice 

how much ground I have covered

In just one day 


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