Creative Challenge – Hour 10

If I threw everything in my studio into a pot,

what would I get?

Paints, papers, inks, glues, rocks, feathers, books and brushes

computer, pens, pencils, erasers, easel, desk and cabinets

canvases, boards, tiles, buckets, and more

Would I create a masterpiece like our universe?


Would I produce life

like the unknown force that tossed everything in existence together

to trigger the Big Bang?


that won’t happen

but it could be a way to find a new direction for my work.


I need to mix it up.

Put disparate items together.

Nietzsche said, out of chaos, comes order.

That’s my plan – create a mess and find a way out of it.

Challenge myself to discover a new creative expression.

Yes, this is it!

2 thoughts on “Creative Challenge – Hour 10

  1. Sounds like a plan!
    Well said and I actually love the theme of creation and wanting to create something and not knowing how. I loved your reference to Nietzsche! I especially loved the first stanza where you describe throwing everything in… it made for quite an imagery!

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