Magical Moment – Hour 12

I heard your call before you appeared

mystical bird of the north.

Your haunting, plaintive song

echoed across the still lake.


Striking a regal pose, head held high,

in formal black and white attire,

your doppelgänger perfectly reflected in the water.


You called again, and your mate arrived

Together you dove for dinner

and I waited … and waited … and waited …


At last, you broke the surface –

right in front of me.

Your intense red eyes met my curious green ones

for a magical moment we connected.


IMAGE: painting copyright Wendie Donabie


14 thoughts on “Magical Moment – Hour 12

  1. This poem is lovely, it tells a story and gives the reader a connection to the moment and to something greater about human respect and reverence for nature. Your painting is fab – what talent!

  2. Don’t we all need magic?
    What I enjoy is how you find the magical in ordinary days, experiences we can point to and say, “Yes, that’s part of my world, too.” My favorite part is “Your intense red eyes met my curious green ones” because of that wonderful connection. I also appreciate your contrast between stillness and action — a very effective counter-point, indeed!

  3. “your doppelgänger perfectly reflected in the water.”
    best line, love it.

    i like what you are doing here. i hear a call and response with the end lines like- as you usually hear them in pairs. don’t know if you noticed it or intended it but; still lake, attire, dinner, held high- all counterbalance the other endings-
    like the call or the echo of a call of a loon at dusk.

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