She finds me in my dreams…

We look for things together.

Not knowing what I’m looking for~

But feeling loved when waking…


Her house was my only safe space.

when i was very small…

I wasn’t even hers~

And yet, felt I belonged most of all…


Her blue desk was where she sat me.

Always with crayons to draw.

And on the floor from here to there~

Timeless toys did crawl.


I read all the books that she could find.

(the only time i could quiet my mind)

Forever smelling of roses, soapy scraps melt into one~

In her ancient tub covered with paper roses glued on.


All the cousins loved to come and play.

Took turns flipping on her antique bed.

Those same crayons colored eggs~

In her kitchen filled with laughter and games…


i miss herĀ 

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