Hour twenty: Ode: gender neutral bathrooms

I have spent my life tapping the bricks

between the two bathrooms, waiting

for some magical world to reveal itself.  

I have avoided eye contact in the mirror

with myself & others, taken off my pronoun

buttons before going into the bathroom.  

Bless this room of requirement turned

mainstream, this place where I am no

different than anyone else, just a person

at a coffeeshop not being asked to choose

between two doors that will never describe me.

One thought on “Hour twenty: Ode: gender neutral bathrooms

  1. Wow! Firstly, I am sorry that it has taken this long to do what should have been done decades ago. I was thrilled to be in a new elementary school where the bathrooms are non-gender – it is coming, but slowly! Your poem is full of raw emotion and beautiful writing. Poignant line: taken off my pronoun buttons… Loved the Harry Potter references – so true! “Bless this room of requirement!” 🙂

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