How quiet this speechless room
Here silence is a silver line
Some souls are in asleep
Their own feelings, experiences
Those who evaluate the interiors
They Slept on those shelves as a book.
Some people are studying
Page by page, they started reading with a mind.
meditating themselves in silence mode.
Others readers searching for its depth
Enjoying some knowledge
The books are assembled in one place
Discovering their souls.
Waves in the classroom
Are erupting
Future dreams are confident in themselves
Running with game songs.

In the morning flowers from the tree
The ground is one of the air curtains
The wings have been shown solely
To give a sense of proportion.
To distribute fragrances.
The leaves are for the tree
Turned into decoration

Empty hand bags went to mart
They returned home with heavy hearts
Vegetables, fruits etc.,
in kitchen knife bisects
They stand to fall victim to many wounds
people who are unknown
Some words they are flowing
Some are tuned into silent mood
They are only spectators

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