#5 No monochrome chromaticity poem

They say a

monochrome room is simple

and relaxing

full as it is of



The stillness sends bees into my brain

and my bees


someplace fertile to land


flowers to spark their work

My no monochrome room needs a garden within it

to fill it


in a monochrome room my bees would only

fly around

and buzz
and buzz

5 thoughts on “#5 No monochrome chromaticity poem

  1. This is such a beautiful sound poem! I love the contrast between the monochrome room that creates buzzing bees in your had (due to boredom?) A versus the non-chromatic room that allows you to plant flowers…Can you emphasize this in your poem more by maybe saying that the non-monochrome room allows you to plant flowers…In the non-monochrome room, I can plant flowers… I don’t know this is just as a suggestion as I def see chromatic room as bland and non-chromatic full of colour, potential-LIFE! This is a wonderful contrast Bonnie and excellent subject for poem…It can be very, very deep and has great roots of meaning!

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