Creature and Flame (Hour 6)

Destruction and Rebirth, a song rendering Death’s domineering canter still,

Eternity that once was his arena, crumbles in the wake of unsanctified design.

Abjections within purgatory fail on the majesty of my work’s symphony and kill.

Terrified, the cries of mortality that diminish against my ascending crescendo divine.

Humbled shall be the hosts of heaven, and the dregs the of lowly hells in her will!


Beauty is now in the guise of her hybrid body, shaped on purity of flesh and machination.

Elation of her humanoid limbs, amalgamated rifle as both crutch and replacement leg.

Cleaved arm now restored to glory; its whispered venom shall dispense my unholy creation.

Omnipotence resides within its cry, silently calling to be allowed to feed, pity shall beg.

Mercy shall not cast its dice, Justice will not intercede, non-spared our indignation.

Integrity destroyed against the fervour of her Urumi appendage.

Neither innocence nor temperance safe from my degradation.

Go now child, dispatch my FLAME.

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