Galvanization (Hour 5)

‘Subjugation of your body and soul,

Welcomed with gracious heart, at the hands of my carnal desire,

Your will dully accepted in delight, With gratitude’s regard, and absence of mind,

New limbs I shall impart, via force of nature, and calculated dementia,

You shall be articulated this night.’


Oh, a missing right leg, left as stigmatized stump, grinning with keloids mirth,

Soon repaired by swift scalpel stroke, and mechanics of a Winchesters girth.

What’s that you say? A missing arm, once severed at my behest.

Yes, it was discarded, in the larder breaded and barded,

I ate it with feverish pickled herring and beer!

Have no fear, the doctor is here!


As night approaches, and lightening encroaches, you will be made kind of whole tonight.

So, sit back, enjoy it! Don’t plead or attempt to spoil it, won’t sting a bit.

Your scars were ridden, your body to do as bidden as the moon hides its light.

Galvanization is coming, Victor my becoming, as the electric storm wields its might!

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