HOUR 18 A Morbid Misdirection

A Morbid Misdirection


The Naïve Valkyrie, to confidant in your haste,

Those who would be devoured by you, issued swift invite,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

A repour in civility concealing a desire to deceive,

Pride’s punishment,

Watch closely.


The Naïve Valkyrie, driven on by blood fueled salacity,

Preoccupation and control of those you ensnared,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

Absorbed in your own hellish and brazen cravings,

Lust’s lament

Watch tentatively.


The Naïve Valkyrie, murderous movements filled by outrage,

An aspirant in righteousness and spirited vengeance,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

Provoked on course for retributive and unrelented justice,

Wrath’s worthlessness,

Watch over here.


The Naïve Valkyrie, resentment of your possession’s past life

Indignant and malice compelled you to seek the self-tormented demise,

For you saw what I allowed you to perceive,

Compulsive in single minded direction, ever causing a painful decision,

Envious enmity,

Watch carefully.


The Naïve Valkyrie, a glad reprieve I shall grant you solace and reprieve,

Your far travelled palate accustomed only to the finest,

See what you wish to see, as I want perceived,

Enjoy my succulent offerings, prepared only from the finest fare,

Gluttonous gourmand.

Are you ready?


The Naïve Valkyrie, if you chose what you should perceive,

You would no doubt be accustomed to that taste,

For within the trappings of your own larder and kitchen,

I processed the meal you consume, not wanting your brother Jon…

to go to waste.



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