Putrid Pantomime (Hour 8)

‘Come one! Come all! Speak to me of other things!

Within this ally, kindly don’t dilly dally, see what Dyer-Bolique Brings!

Notice my coat, observe my hat, pondering on my offerings.

Within my whim, step on in, attend my theatre frightening!’


I turn to my torturous dove, ‘Dispense your love, fools are gathering!

The living undead, through plenty of dread, wondering at my blathering’s.

In awe they are, in stupor they seem, rapt in my entertainment and ramblings.

Easily grifted, my introduction gifted, as ring master and captivating King!


Dispatch my will, don’t spare any thrill, make the carnage dazzling!

For in my eye, I shall spy, the demise of the zombified younglings.

Please don’t hurry, I shall enjoy them scurry as searing whips rends limb and sings.

I shall watch, form vantage aloft, a fire escape and savour savagery’s sting!

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