Hour 2 – Choices


(My opening line is from Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost)


Between the woods and frozen lake

neither path I wish to take,

For survival I must choose one

I’ll wait for the arrival of the sun.


The sun rises, my path still not clear

no steps taken, I’m shaking with fear

The lakes surface covered with Ice and Snow

however, the strength of it I do not know.


The trees in the woods whisper “come, This way”

beautiful in appearance, can i trust what i hear them say?

I’ll close my eyes and slowly breathe in

how did i get here, how did it begin?


Between the woods and frozen lake

which path should I take?

should I open my eyes and let out a scream?

Maybe i’ll waken, hoping it was a dream

8 thoughts on “Hour 2 – Choices

  1. I really like this. You captured the feeling of indecision and fear. You also capture the feel of the first line from Frost, and your lines feel like they match the language of his poem too. Really nice job! 🙂

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