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pan studyHi all ~

This is my study, where I won’t be writing. Instead, I’ll be joining you from Concepcion Abbey, in Concepcion, Missouri. This will be the 11th year I’ve been guest writer at a writing retreat there. It’s a lovely place, and the only cathedral (I think) west of the Mississippi. Benedictine, I believe. And don’t ask how I’ll manage to squeeze in poems while meeting w/ other writers! I suspect you’ll see a LOT of tanka, one of my favourite poems. And maybe a few landays, in honour of Afghan women.

For most of my life my jobs have involved writing: journalism, teaching, creative. Most recently I’ve taught adult education creative writing at my alma mater, which has been great fun. This fall, however, my beloved & I are making the move to Virginia to be w/our elder son, DIL, & grandson. We’ll see what that’s like. It may well come up in the poems!

Like last year (my first), I’m doing the half marathon. You all who signed on for the full are amazing (& possibly certifiable? 🙂 ). That was MORE than enough work for me.

I didn’t grow up in the US, so I’m very happy to see such an international crew of writers. Here’s to all of us brave enough to write with 330+ strangers!


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