Prompt #12: we gather together

We gather together ~

We ‘gather’
in echo chambers,
scorning the company
of the ‘other,’
that dangerous believer
of untruths, of fake news,
of demagogues new & old…
We gather to scorn and mock.

And yet mothers still love
their children, red & blue alike.
And the young still cradle cats
while their elders stroke the fur
of rescue dogs, the feathers of birds.
We are still the children of love.


6 thoughts on “Prompt #12: we gather together

  1. Hello, dear Britton,
    I was so happy to discover you here!

    I felt a twinge of pain and loss reading this. Immediately upon reading your title, I felt as if I heard a chord from the church hymn, but that feeling of singing in unity with others is not part of my current world.

    Alas, I want to arrive at the peace and hope of the second stanza, but I’m still bewildered at times or desperately hurt other times by the first stanza’s “untruths. . . fake news. . . demagogues” creating so much havoc.

    Forgive my “casting” here, but after reading through all of this poem, I imagined a pastor speaking to congregants; that final “We are still the children of love” prompted me to read again, and I imagined a powerful Black woman trying to keep people together. Perhaps next time I read I’ll imagine her with the face of a friend.

  2. I totally understand, Jan. I was exhausted when I wrote this, and I so want to believe that we are all still, somewhere, humane. But no, it certainly doesn’t feel that way these days, does it? Good to hear from you!

  3. I really like the juxtaposition of the two stanzas – the reality of the present political divide up front; but stepping back, recognizing the common humanity of us all. IF ONLY everyone could see that as well … Also love the line ‘elders stroke the fur/of rescue dogs.’ Not only personally resonant – but just a lovely image on so many levels. Thank you.

  4. I agree with all the comments for this poem – the reminder of our humanity so clear in the second part thought it seems daily we are surrounded by images of how it is currently lost captured in your first stanza. Such a hopeful second stanza…

  5. Yes we are, we all are children of love!
    Even when we are not.
    I was delighted to read your little bio, as I too am an Army Brat (Indian army), now settled in Scotland.
    So this cross cultural thing is all I can write about.
    So well done!

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