prompt #3: the cello speaking

the cello speaking


umber voiced      bone resonant

some magic mantra I can’t translate

it might be you

explaining the physics of death

that pain is a note the cello

does not reach    such music

is another’s instrument

and you are fine now

breathing like the bow

moves across the long strings

your lungs once again

softly quiet     deep with breath

a music long ago made dissonant

the rasp of mortality

now made melodic

in its transformation

still    I am not ready

2 thoughts on “prompt #3: the cello speaking

  1. Thank you for this poem, it will stay with me for a good while.
    For some reason this poem reminds me of Rilke’s Swan. I could be all wrong as to what your meaning is but it touches something in me that I’ve been witness of, and I also feel this “I am not ready”
    Thank you.

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