Drowning (Hour 1)

I take a deep breath

and plunge

Now I’m in deep with you

We swim around

Blissfully taking each other in

I notice your skin

Wrinkly and pale

I look at you

Asking with my eyes

“How long can we survive like this?”

You look away

And I know we can’t

You open your mouth

I want to scream at you ‘no!’

I swim towards the surface

My lungs screaming for air

But you hold my feet

Pulling me down

I try to kick

It’s no use

Your grip is too strong

I look into your eyes again

You don’t want to be in this alone

So I stop

I open my mouth too

You hold my hand

Pull me close

I close my eyes

Slowly we begin to sink

I realize it then

We’re drowning


In our sin

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