Poem 11, Hour 11

Hannigans Pass

We exhale into the canyon, grateful
for the downhill, for the promise of a campsite one bend

away. An hour later, out of breath and heaving
we start the actual decent.

We arrive to a steady stream, and a quiet
campsite, just us and the birds, the threat

of bear, always somewhere nearby. We
eat anyways, have a fire, and I finish

a book about going insane in nature, because
of man, and then as twilight arrives, we fall

asleep under the easy orange sweep of our tent,
and wake at 2 AM, to screams, angry

or joyous, I’m not sure.
You grab the bear spray

and sit upright, they settle slowly
around us with loud voices and feet.

People, at least 8, a little drunk maybe, setting
up camp in the dark, a few feet away.

We fall asleep again eventually and wake to
silence, an empty campground again

a little more litter filled than it was,
when we went to sleep.

17 thoughts on “Poem 11, Hour 11

  1. I love the sweeping connectedness of this poem — from “a book about going insane in nature, because
    of man” to an actual group of drunken group of campers waking you up.

    Such evocative images! I especially loved
    “asleep under the easy orange sweep of our tent,”

  2. Picturesque, vivid, peaceful, adventurous!

    The reading is filled with images as the mind puts a shape to the descriptions and gets out there in the open with the poet…

    Perfect for a rainy day out here…

  3. Admirable work Caitlin. I’ll admit that i didn’t quite catch the essence of the poem off the bat, but as i read through it became clear. Very intelligently written with more intended care to the creative freedom of ghe art itself of course. The theme if nature being upset by humanity rings true in a variety of ways. Gorgeous work✨️

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