Poetry Marathon Plans 2021

Hi, I’m Caitlin and I am the co-founder of The Poetry Marathon.

For health/small children reasons I’m on the fence this year, but I am excited for the marathon itself, even if I’m not sure if I’ll complete a whole or a half.

This is my plan for the half marathon. If I end up doing the whole I will do the second half free-verse/without a schedule.

My plan for the half is to do a formal poem every hour.

I plan to start off with a Sestina-Bob (which is a sestina where every line and the refrains end in the same word, maybe Bob, maybe Tree, whatever you want really).

Hour two is going to be a golden shovel.

Hour three is Pantoum focused.

Hour four will feature a zuihitsu.

Hour five will be all about the gigan.

Hour six will be a ghazal.

Hour seven will be a sevenling

Hour eight is all about the haibun.

Hour nine will be the bop

Hour ten will be a poem an epistolary poem.

Hour eleven is hopefully going to be my first ode.

Hour twelve will be an Aubade.

Feel encouraged to use any (or none) of these forms this year. If you are interested in using other forms there are many metered and unmetered to chose from including sonnets, the duplex, the skinny, haiku, and limerick’s.


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  1. What a fun idea, Caitlin! Including the links for those unfamiliar with the forms you have chosen. Good luck. And I hear you about life’s other distractions. This year mine includes a new puppy; hence the decision to keep each poem short and tight. Hoping to make it through the first 12!

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