Lost in Spokane ~To get lost, is to learn the way.

Outside, it’s 91 degrees, which

reminds me of the time I felt lost

but wasn’t. I was at the movie

theatre in Spokane, River Park Square,

waiting for my sister. We would

see a movie together and then eat chicken

sauté with peanut sauce afterward

at the outside restaurant. While I waited,

children raced about and shoppers

strolled past—everyone tanned and cool

in the air-conditioned mall. Suddenly, I felt

lost, panicky…which didn’t make sense.

At last, my sister showed up, all bubbly

and full of fun. That moment, imperceptibly,

the feeling left me. We bought popcorn

and Cokes and found our seats. I told

her what had happened. I don’t remember

what she said, but perhaps it was something

like: Did you drink enough water?


*It’s 100 in Spokane today. 112 by Tuesday.






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