Hidden Things

Twice, while peeing in the woods, I spotted a geocache.

In one box, I found a pair of haircutting scissors. It was up

near a lookout tower that I’d hiked hours to. That hike about

killed me. I had to rest all the next day to get my electrolytes

balanced. I rolled out my sleeping bag on a metal frame and

mattress. One should stay away from metal in a lightning storm—

there was metal all over that tower. Once when I was young,

I was in a tower when it was struck by lightning. It was the loudest

noise and brightest light I’ve ever seen. I was terrified. If I hide

a box for someone to find, I would put in it a booklet of lightning

rules, a notebook and pencil, a pocket knife, and a compass.

I would leave a note that said, write your dreams and find your way.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Things

  1. From title to last line, terrific message poem! Directive voice, the lines that are rigid in length metaphor the poem, the metal that strikes memory, the lightning, the sage advice… I advise changing was to would in the last line. : ) And I love that I am still wondering what the other (Twice) find was. Well done!

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