They turn their head
the other way
look back again
to see her play
Where is she?
Where did she go?
They turn their head for a moment
nowhere to show!
They screamed her name
time and time again!
No where to find her
A stranger had been within
Tears of sadness
Depression set in
A constant battle
Life grew dim.
Days, months and years went by
They held on to hope
Who had taken their child?
Where did she go?
Is she still alive?
Does she even understand
what has happened to her?
Her case is unsolved
unto to this very day
Daily they struggle to live
in hopes of one day to say
“They found her alive”
Now she can come home
And out of their sight
Their eyes will no longer roam
But as it stands
to this very day
There’s no word of her life
and there’s nothing to say.

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