Enjoy It

You there, with the little legs, toddling and stumbling around, yes you.
I know you can’t talk so good yet.
That’ll come later, don’t stress about it.
You have more important stuff to think about right now, and I’m gonna dd a couple things to your list.

First, notice those little twitches on peoples’ lips when you smile. The ones that make their eyes glow, and the skin around their eyes wrinkle.
Pay attention to those faces. You’ll soon learn to love your own. But never forget to help people show those faces every now and again. You’ll realize why soon.

Second, don’t forget to give trees high fives, or see shapes in the clouds. Also, feel the grass on your feet, or how soft flower petals feel.
When you get bigger, people will tell you to forget these things and change the way you look at the world. Don’t listen. If you lose that, then the world will feel a lot colder and more boring.

Last, don’t forget to look in the mirror and watch how your face changes. It’ll be like a flash sometimes, or you won’t see any change at all. But all of that’s okay, because that face is still you. And no matter what it looks like, it’s still you.
You’re gonna grow and change so much, but you need to watch for all of it and enjoy it. Your first day of school, meeting your best friend, and playing in the pool. Splashing in the tide pool on a beach, climbing the monkey bars, and listening to birds sing.

It’ll all change you. So let it. And enjoy it.
You’re gonna learn so much and become more than you could ever imagine.
Enjoy it. I’m excited to watch you grow, and see what you become.

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