Life’s True Tragedy

The tragedy of life is not that it is short,

nor that it is frail.

Rather, tragedy comes when hope of meaning ends,

and life must endure.


How long must the wounded warrior suffer in vain?

How long will the pain of loss endure?


Tragedy is death without honor.

All men must die,

it has been decreed.

But what of those who live without purpose?

Where do we find hope?.

Where does our salvation lay?


I pine for reason as I search for meaning.

For what is life without meaning?

My shield arm is gone,

as is my purpose.

Yet life endures.

Are the gods so cruel.


Can a man find life divorced of meaning?

Time will teach

and time will tell.

But time stretches on too well.

I seek the reason.

I seek the rhyme.

And all I find is time.


May whatever gods remain hear my plea.

And find a meaningful life for me.

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