Surt’s Folly

I looked into the eyes of Surt.

I saw his fury in the moment.

Elderstahl flashed in the night.

Fires raged and roared.

Surt screamed his defiance at the realms.


Who could save us?


Thor perished on Jormungandr’s fangs.

The All-Father, consumed by the beast Fnrir.

Even all seeing Heimdall fell to Loki’s blades.

None are left to stand in the final day.

Ragnarok has come to burn us all away.


As the fires rose, consuming each realm,

Sure surveyed his work.

The grief of worlds pierced his stone heart.

Only  at the end could he see what his fury wrought.

Elderstahl claimed one more life on the final day,

sheathed in its master’s flesh.


In anguish he died,

calling back the flames of wrath,

like calling back the wind on the sea.

Twas the fury of Surt that washed the worlds clean.

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