Prompt 18 Hour 18

Party Holidays.

School closes for the December breaks
And excitedly we go home with our folks
My sister and i looking forward to visits
To the village, where grandma lives
She loves us just like we do her stories
And we can’t wait to meet her
Everyone’s bag ready, packed to go
We flaunt in our new dresses as we board
The waiting car, and dad is going to drive us

While in the village, aunts and uncles we meet
Cousins, neighbours and everyone we greet
Happy, laughing and talking
Skipping and running around,
All the while grown-ups are conversing
A cousin is getting married
So along we match in matching dresses
Holding flowers, ravishing, eating cake

Celebration after celebration
Drinks after drinks
Week after weeks
The party goes on
Until it’s time to go
When holiday is over

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