From Within

Love is in the air

The air is breathing love

To this feeling none can compare

If it’s pure then it comes from up above


Yet some may, do well gifting fear

Without a care to others their acts bring out tears

Waterfall of emotions they cause to erupt while burying their emotions deep in their rear


We aren’t built to understand love but to live and give it

Wickedness is not thick enough to kill

Whenever you need a refill, only look within and connect with the spirit

Love exists, and it’s purer than we think, the purity of it comes from deep within.

3 thoughts on “From Within

  1. I wanted to respond to the poem called Ayo – but couldn’t make it work to give the option to reply! So, I am replying here – I LOVE what you did with the prompt – the picture -the game and how you formatted the whole poem with repeating lines gaining power and strength each time they were shared – such an important poem!! Thank you!!

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