Dies novum nobis

Lightshine moisture rock, air full with petricor,

a linked birdsong which reminds of Thra and any tepetl,

the softly tune of tiring tires going from the road,

grateful tears about leaves in trees, dried out for summer

pending love in a tangling knot not embrace to life,

leaving cardenche inside this soul, spike that gets in heart,

a gutter going throun my nerves and veins shaking it all inside

another pea from the floor stays quiet in the earth.

Then, breaking the silence, you heard something intruding

¡Oí nomás ese cumbión bien perrolocochón!

Gahtering forces around languages trying to not lock but inleash,

so nature is into it and something will get their rythm by Saturn Day

A chance to be alive and breathing, this is the perfect day, it is today

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