Hour 15 – Yes is an Door

I wish that I had known back then

That asking for help was an option. 


Before the downward spiral, before

I took things out on myself, before 

I had failed out of college, before

I was a shell of who I used to be. 


When someone asked if I 

Needed help, I desperately wish

I had known that ‘yes’ was an option. 


That ‘yes’ would open doors that

Could’ve saved me from so much

More pain. 


Instead, I took 10 years to see

That suffering was not the only 

Choice, like I had seen others

Make. I could do it differently 

And end the cycle with me. 

2 thoughts on “Hour 15 – Yes is an Door

  1. What a moving poem. Searingly honest, right from the very first two lines where you state so powerfully that. I wish that I had known back then/That asking for help was an option.’ This is a journey of pain, but also of growing self awareness and a coming to the knowledge of what needs to be done. Really powerful. Thank you.

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