Hour Seven – BBQ



On the way home from the picnic

we both mentioned how long it had been!

Back yard BBQ.

New acquaintances.

Friendly questions: Where do you live?

How do you know (the hosts)?


What may have seemed normal, now

is still feeling strange.

Our Covid life has been so

isolated. Now . . . we slowly

remember the sweet pleasure

of social interactions.


I packed our cooler with veggie burgers

and fixings.

Tray grilled fish she brought home from Alaska,

and some kind of meat.

Chris brought a potato salad and vegan

carrot muffins.

Joanne and Phil made a big green salad, and

someone brought strawberries picked

that morning.


Remember potlucks? Our house full of

friends, everyone eyeing the table full of

delicious food.

Remember sharing food?

Meeting at restaurants, then

going to a movie?


Thus far, we’re sticking with the outdoor

events. Luckily – Summer has finally



When troubled times continue

tearing us apart in our country –

banding together with old friends

seems the best antidote!

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