Here at Last

The Sun is a warm brilliant ember, that not only warms the body,  it warms the soul.

To be be able to set in the sunshine once more,  and soak up it’s brilliance.

To feel it’s warming love,  caress the earth,  to watch the flowers and trees bloom to their fullest potential.

Everything’s alive ~

Glorious summer has come at last~

With all the cookouts,  the running around,  with all the vacations planned.

Gardens have been planted to grow,  fresh vegetables,  how I love those so.

The love  of the Summer sun~

Time to have some fun ~

Children playing outside,  with all the laughter and smiles,  and least I forget the bike rides.

To swim in the pool,  oh the sweet smells of honey suckle in the air.

The summer nights ~ Not a care ~

The joy of summer months to me is a blast ~

Summer is here at last… At last…

C. Burgess (c)

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