The Way He Loves (Me)

You astound me

To be speechless,

While bearing witness of brilliance,

An understatement of your truth.

How did God create you,

Molded and shaped you, so perfectly

Could it be, meant for me?

Fingers laced, my heart raced

When you pulled me in to kiss

When did I become like this,

Afraid to lose,

Addicted to bliss,

Aways fighting, seeking to win?

I never wanted to surrender again,

But you did,

When my heart, body and mind,

Was yours to find,

For keeps and to hold,

Not control,

But don’t ever let go.

As it unfolds,

We may never know,

Or understand how things come to be,

As long as you stand by my side,

I realize, in time

We will learn that our love

Was made to last for eternity.


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