Our Mother’s Home

We lay now

Where we once stood,

Firmly, grounded,

The pride of our birthright

Draped upon us like a cape,

Where we, Earth-bound, 

Flightless beings,

Desirous of glory,

Waved our banners,

Over every conquered land of our brethren,

As if they were badges of honor,

Erecting the fallacies of man

Over the blood-soaked soil

Of our ancestors.

Where now, layers of concrete, buildings,

Noisy traffic, technology, and paved streets,

Can numb us from our past transgressions,

As we continue the onslaught.

We no longer hear the groans

Of the souls before us.

The screams from the great womb of mother Gaia

as she is defiled.

We don’t remember

Until we are laid to rest

Beside fallen warriors,

Buried, forgotten,

Under our vanities

Where we can no longer escape their cries.


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