The Table of Life

At the table of life
Set before us are corses in turn
We trim away the loss with our knife
And eat spices that tend to burn

We all have our forks in the road
And greedy fingers in others pies
We scoop our dessert alamode
While we shew away the flies

Choose your dish with thought
Important to note the manner of food
Carried away not living as we ought
So we nourish in the manner we should

Thankful for the necessities we may have
And the hands that help us prepare
Within affection finds a smile at last
As we honor another by the forethought we share

Who could forget our glass filled with drink
Remember to watch it closely and keep it near
Its easier to spill than you think
Then what would you use to toast good cheer?

Be careful within this main course of life
For not to dip in with a dirty spoon
And watchful of the days that cut like a knife
That you be not dead inside while life still blooms

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