Prompt Two


to be stewards of this planet and her inhabitants…

of easy wind and downy flake[1]
that is my hope for our world’s sake
to face a winter we can take
and in its promise, a future make

where all the words that glitter, are gold;
no need for goods to be bought and sold.
where we move beyond rules and states of old
and in our hands gather the gifts of this globe –

to hold each other, no matter our colour
to raise up our hearts, not flags, as honour
to listen and hear the earth’s faintest murmur
so that we can protect our greatest curator

to be stewards of this planet and her inhabitants

[1] From Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

2 thoughts on “Prompt Two

    1. Wow! Thank you DSC!!!! I am thrilled that this one resonated with you not only for the theme I was addressing but also because rhymes are not my strength but I did feel coming off a Robert Frost prompt, I ought to try… 🙂

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