Out of the Wasteland- for RLH

I stand upon a barren ground.
It’s time to start anew.
I’ve never walked this path alone.
I’m not sure what to do.

The past is gone, and it’s unknown
just what the future holds.
With courage I must carry on.
I must be strong and bold.

I see scorched earth
at every turn.
As tears run down my cheeks.
But I can’t let myself give up
or give in to feeling week.

I’m thirsty for a drop of grace
and hungry for some sweet.
But I steady myself and forge ahead
upon my own two feet.

I know that I can survive this.
I’ve survived so much before.
And though this is the worst so far,
there are better days in store.

I walk through the wasteland of my past
and gaze up at blue sky.
I feel the hope within me grow
and hold my head up high.

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