Ambitious Wind (12:00 PM)

Ambitious Wind, (Ecclesiastes 2:12-16)
~ by D², @d2poetry

top of The Mark
number one in sales
elected class president
one destined to excel

ultimately the same fate
of number 2 or the one
stuck in last place

earned degrees can’t
prevent death, taxes, or disease
mortality is everyone’s

The quest of Hughes
was costly and trivial
making rich
pinnacle physicians
only to be conquered
by microbial

gains remain
becoming an unwitting
strangers inheritance

creating generational

craving technology at its cheapest
with each version or
it’s power increases

Does anyone REALLY know
how to operate
an abacus
or a slide-rule?

human hierarchy is a lie
obscuring an
appreciation of joy
immersed and ingrained
into the delicate
of every precious moment

~ D², 8.05.17, 12:35 PM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

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