As Qoheleth Admires The Truth (6:00 AM)

As Qoheleth Admires The Truth (Ecclesiastes 12:9-14)
~ by D², @d2poetry

captured in the
bathed in righteousness

God is Righteousness

human reach
captures a mere
portion of love

God is Love

expanding to touch us all

God is Counselor, God is Comforter

leaving etchings in our hearts
as pure foundation

God is Source

while shifting nonsense
makes room for knowledge

God is Truth

the awe of the beauty
of a God we can’t see

God is Omnipresent

complex layers
never fully reveal

God is Omniscient

How amazing is The Divine

God is Omnipotent

birthed from no one

God Is

~ by D², 8.06.17, 6:20 AM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “As Qoheleth Admires The Truth (6:00 AM)

  1. Those two final lines are joyously beautiful – and, for we as flawed humans, to continually be ‘shifting nonsense’ (what a fabulously apt phrase for all of the incidental ephemera in our world!) to ‘make room for knowledge’ (sorry – I dropped the ‘s’ off of ‘makes’ in this sentence!) – it says all we need to know about our fragile condition in the face of an eternal God!

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