No Way Out (11:00 PM)

No Way Out (Ecclesiastes 8:10-17)
~ by D², @d2poetry

stressing over
what bill to pay next

just got word
paycheck is less

economic tunnel vision
ushers in a global subclass

cast eyes down from luxury
settle for the beauty in trash

cancel the gaze upon product placement
in movie and TV

refuse the programmed
futile fantasy

cherish simple pleasures
though society flaunts
complex needs

two steps towards advancement
viewed by the opulent
appears as groveling on your knees

must follow the law to the letter
where Affluenza gets a hand slap
and a lecture to do better

where bankruptcy from
a billionaire is shrewd
if a pauper
means you’re screwed

simple is the uncluttered joy
found in this humble place

the wealthy can afford a shovel
to uncover it from the layer of baubles

just in case
they’d still worship their valuables

~ by D², 8.05.17, 11:44 PM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved

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