The Newspaper, The Bible, and The Zoo (3:00 PM)

The Newspaper, The Bible, and The Zoo (Ecclesiastes 3:16-22)
~ by D², @d2poetry

environment controlled
bodies on view

are you deemed too violent
or are hands reaching to caress you?

custom made eco-systems
sourced with the essentials to subdue

parading judgmental spectators
tossing cheap munchies to chew

caging potential and ambition
while broadcasting twisted truths

pampered privileged
choking on faked sly news

schedules of gilded exposure
are only granted to a few

once your sheen of popularity is worn
your carcass is a gutted, stuffed statue

corporeal beings rotate from
authority to oppressed

déjà vu: as divinely assessed

~ by D², 8.05.17, 3:26 PM
Copyright D Squared Poetry, 2017
© All Rights Reserved


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